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☽ past layouts

3: fragile ➤ nov '23 - present
I did a replay of Fragile Dreams recently and wanted a layout with some art from it, so this was born. It was another fun little project.
Brushes are from Brusheezy.

3: kura(ge)nosuke ➤ dec '22 - nov '23
featuring Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish, the title is a play on his name and the fact the series is called Kuragehime in JP... get it? ... no one said I was clever, okay. I had a lot of fun making this layout and refreshed a lot of my knowledge on site coding so I'm pretty proud of it!

2: bunhead! ➤ october '22 - dec '22
heavily modified from a layout by cinni, this served as the initial layout when I registered the domain. I honestly don't remember what the first layout I used was... this one features an image of Usagi and Luna from one of the black and white illustrations from the Sailor Moon manga.