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☽ domain

hauntedgraffiti.net was registered in late 2022. I intended to make my personal domain new-sentimentality.com at first, but decided to change it to this one after some consideration.

The name is taken from a stranger's personal site that went down sometime in 2020. I liked the name too much to let it fall into obscurity and snagged the .net version after the .com one went up for sale at a ridiculous price.

Originally I was using neocities to host the site before buying the domain and hosting over at my registrar Porkbun, then finally coming to roost at Leprd (many thanks for giving hg.net a permanent home!).

☽ webmistress

I've been around the web under a solid half-dozen aliases since I was a kid. Whatever you know me by is fine to address me as; otherwise I'm usually just called Steph or Stevie.

In internet years, I am considered ancient. I built my first website on Angelfire back in like 2002 and I did all my graphics in MS Paint and coding in Notepad. I still have access to the account, and no I will not share it because of the shame :)

I currently live a quiet life with my old pug, and we both cry about our joints a lot.