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☽ Welcome

I'm Stevie, and this is hauntedgraffiti.net, my personal network. There isn't much here right now, but feel free to look around.

This site isn't mobile-friendly, so tread carefully.

☽ Updates

12.6.2024: Updated the layout on my music rotation site a few days back, but the bigger news is the creation of Little Wonders, where I've started posting up graphics and other things.

16.3.2024: Did some formatting changes to the links page. Also I've been updating my Rainy Suites page as I've been going through desktop designs, so if that's something you're interested in keep an eye there.

14.11.2023: A new layout, because why not?

26.8.2023: A little update to the layout of Rainy Suites to make things a little neater (hopefully).

18.8.2023: may or may not have gone a little feral doing some fanlisting joining. anyway, say hello to my fanlisting spot!

04.08.2023: remember the old days of mp3 rotation sites? let's bring those days back.

10.4.2023 totally did not set up a blog that I will forget about, no.